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Are you filled with rage or anger? Are you dealing with anger or conflict in your relationships or job? Are you looking for a better way to manage your anger? Anger can impact anybody; whether you are a new mother, busy professional, celebrity or member of the clergy. Anger is a natural emotion that can cause negative feelings. When anger is out of control, it will show up in your words and behavior. Below is a list of problems that may indicate if anger is a problem for you:

- Frequently offended
- Yelling and talking over others during conflict (verbal aggression)
- A pattern of relationship issues
- Frequent conflict with others
- Using intimidation tactics to control people
- Road rage
- Emotional outbursts
- Feelings of resentment, depression, confusion and emotional pain

If your anger is creating a problem for you, let’s get started now to create a solution.

Anger Management Coaching

Anybody can participate in Anger Management coaching. Anger Management Coaching allows you to focus on the skills (self-awareness, forgiveness, problem solving, etc.) and actions needed to change your approach to anger. Changing your perspective impacts the way you think about situations that triggers angry emotions.

The anger management coaching process includes: One 1-hour session per week with your Anger Management Coach by phone or live video for the duration of a month. If you live near the Atlanta area and desire a face-to-face session, check the class dates below and call 770-820-3070 for a special appointment.

COST: $400    

Court Ordered Services

We offer Anger Management Certificate Classes for individuals who are court ordered or required by employers, schools or other entities to complete an anger management program. Anybody may take an anger management class for their own personal development.

Cost for Anger Management Classes